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Computer data transmission networks are the result of the information revolution and form one of the main means of communication. Networking & Wiring Tools are an integral part of every person's life, both at home and at work.

The worldwide trend towards the unification of computers on the network is due to a number of important reasons, such as accelerating the transmission of information messages, the ability to quickly exchange information between users, receiving and transmitting messages (faxes, emails, electronic conferences, etc.) without departing from the workplace, the ability to instantly receive any information from anywhere in the world, as well as the exchange of information between computers of different manufacturers, working under different more

Networking & Wiring

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Benefits from networked PCs are:

  • Sharing resources allows you to use resources economically, for example, to manage peripheral devices, such as printing devices, external storage devices, modems, etc. from all connected workstations.
  • Data sharing provides the ability to access and manage databases from peripheral jobs that need information.
  • The separation of software provides the ability to simultaneously use centralized, previously installed software.
  • Separation of processor resources, providing the use of computing power for data processing by other systems included in the network. The provided opportunity consists in the fact that the available resources are not "pounced" instantly, but only through a special processor available to each workstation.
  • Multi-user mode - the simultaneous use of centralized application software tools, usually pre-installed on the application server.

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