Switches are used to connect devices in a network to each other, allowing them to exchange data packets. They connect computers in data centers, as well as physical servers, etc.

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Ethernet Switches are major devices in modern data network applications. They provide a wired connection to desktop computers, wireless access points, printers, industrial machinery, and card entry systems.

Switches transmit vast amounts of traffic in telecommunication provider networks.

KVM Switches are used to control multiple computers from a single monitor, mouse, and keyboard. These switches are the most commonly used to regulate servers that are placed in a single rack. The administrator can control multiple servers, easily accessing each one, by pushing a single button on the KVM switch.

Some KVM Switches are designed to control nearby servers and computers from within the room in another room or on another floor.

Video Switches are used to select between multiple video signals that come from various sources such as cameras, PowerPoint feeds, etc., and to direct a signal to a single output, including a streaming device, video recorder, or display device such as a monitor.

In large networks, switches are essential to be used to offload traffic for analytics. They are essential for security professionals, a switch can be placed in front of the WAN router before sending traffic to the LAN.

Switches are used in large data centers and cloud environments, along with innovations such as WAN environments, digital twin technologies, and more.

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