Power Distribution Units

A power distribution unit (PDU) is a device for distributing electrical energy. It is one of the most important elements used for power distribution in server racks, floor power grids, data centers (data processing centers), etc.; installed in electrical cabinets. Modern power distributors can have such features as:

  • limiting voltage;
  • remote control of the device, up to individual client sockets;
  • telemetric IP control of temperature, humidity, smoke, etc.;
  • modules that allow you to increase the number of simultaneously controlled outlets (which reduces the total cost of ownership);
  • measuring current and power, displaying in a remote interface or storing data on a server;
  • connectors for connecting a webcam, sensors.

Power distributors are divided into simple and controllable. Simple ones are not equipped with controls, although they can have a display that shows the information about the voltage and power consumption of each phase or each outlet. Controlled power distributors can be administered remotely, that is, allow the administrator to turn on or off the power supply of individual devices over the network.

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Power Distribution Units
Power Distribution Units
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