Racks and Cabinets

A rack is an open frame used for mounting multiple electronic equipment modules to hold servers and IT equipment. Many operations demand more than one piece of hardware to perform their necessary functions. Stacking servers and other IT equipment in a rack allows keeping things organized and controlling the airflow easier. Read more...

Racks and Cabinets

Racks and Cabinets

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Using racks has a lot of benefits:

  • Unobstructed airflow;
  • Easy access to equipment and cabling sections;
  • Using wide and deep vertical cable managers, providing an ideal cable management solution;
  • Cost-effectiveness.

Cabinets are used to hold multiple modules of electronic equipment. The difference between a cabinet and a rack is that racks have no sidewalls and they’re opened, while cabinets are enclosed on all sides.

Cabinets have a number of advantages, they:

  • Allow you to keep servers organized;
  • Make your servers accessible and easy to maintain;
  • Provide better security than racks;
  • Offer customization.

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