Cables play an important role in connective and transmitting systems. Cables are insulated conductors that carry electrical current in the earth, water, and air. They consist of one or more conductors (cores) isolated from each other, or optical fibers, enclosed in a sheath. The cable can also contain a filler, steel or wire armor, metal sheath, outer sheath. Each structural element is needed for the cable to work under definite environmental conditions. At Prime Buy, you can find a wide range of cables for your specific needs at a competitive price.

By purpose, cables are divided into power and control cables. Power cables are used to transmit electrical energy where the use of bare busbars and wires for this purpose is impossible or irrational. Control cables transfer information in control circuits, measurement, control and accounting, protection and signaling, automation, etc. They interconnect instrument transformers and measuring devices, control devices and control objects, signaling devices, and signaling objects. Therefore, control cables are often referred to as communication cables. There are also cables that combine the functions of transmitting and emitting radio signals (radiating cables) or converting electrical energy into heat over a long distance (heating cables).

Power cables are manufactured with one, two, three, and four current-carrying conductors. In a four-core cable, one of the cores is usually made of a smaller cross-section than the rest. It is used as zero. Copper and aluminum are used as core materials. Depending on the required flexibility of the cable, the conductors can be single-wire or multi-wire, with great flexibility. For stationary cables, conductors are made of round and shaped (segment and sector) forms.


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