Uninterruptible Power Supplies, similar to power conditioners, protect electrical equipment from the most frequent power-related issues, including blackouts, spikes, brownouts, surges, and more. Providing backup power, UPS saves devices from damages caused by electricity disruptions. When a power outage occurs, a properly installed UPS system will provide power for some time, enough to save the work and shut down connected devices. This may prevent device damages and data corruption.

While choosing a UPS, consider the type of equipment it is designed to protect and the power capacity you need. For different requirements, there are two main groups of UPSs: online and offline.

  • An offline UPS is a simple and cost-effective way of protecting non-sensitive equipment. With this design, the load is always supplied by the main source of power. Backup energy from internal batteries is used in case of electricity disruptions only.

Depending on the functions performed, offline UPSs may be Voltage Frequency-Dependent (VFD) and Voltage Independent (VI).

  • VFD UPSs protect devices from blackouts only. When it occurs, a VFD uninterruptible power supply switches from the mains supply to the internal battery to provide the power. This takes about 25 milliseconds, enough for power-sensitive devices to notice.
  • A VI UPS operates almost the same, but it has some significant differences. VI UPSs have a built-in Automatic Voltage Stabilizer that prevents voltage instability. This way, the problems caused by some other power issues like surges, sags, etc. may be prevented. Regulating the voltage, a UPS reduces an irretrievable impact of fluctuations that may have fatal consequences for sensitive equipment and important data. In this design, a switchover takes around 5 milliseconds, still not enough for some equipment.
  • If you need protection for highly sensitive devices, then the most suitable variant for you is an online or Voltage Frequency Independent UPS. Connected directly to the mains supply, it solves all power problems. In case of blackouts, a VFI UPS takes power from the battery only, without switching between the sources at all. It enables perfect power protection for all critical loads.

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