An extender is a device used to transmit signals over greater distances. There are various types of extenders such as Ethernet, video, audio, KVM, and more.

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An Ethernet Extender is any device used to extend the network segment or an Ethernet beyond its inherent distance limitation. Such devices utilize different transmission technologies and physical media such as wireless, copper wire, and fiber optic cables.

Video Extenders are used to convert video signals into a form that can be transmitted over a greater distance. Audio and control signals can be sent along with the video. The Audio Extender is connected directly to the source with the supplied audio cable.

KVM Extenders allow users to work on a computer from a distance. The KVM transmitter units are connected to the computer system and capture peripheral signals such as USB. These signals are extended to a distant user station where the monitors, keyboard, and mouse are powered by the KVM receiver unit.

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