Measuring & Layout Tools

If you measure something, you want your measurements to be accurate. It can be achieved by using reliable Measuring & Layout Tools. First, let’s define them. With measuring tools, you can determine lengths and angles, whereas layout tools allow you to transfer distances, angles, contours, etc.

Shop with Prime Buy and choose from Calipers (dial and digital), Gages (depth, height, thickness, universal, bore gages, and more), Micrometers (analog and digital), Indicators (dial and digital), Levels, Measuring Tool Kits, and more. In addition, you can purchase all the necessary Parts & Accessories (batteries and chargers, adapters, protective cases, the list goes on). Find a product for your specific application!

We offer you an extensive selection of top-quality Measuring & Layout Tools by such manufacturers as Leica Geosystems, Milwaukee Tool, NWi, Mitutoyo, etc.

Measuring & Layout Tools

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