NWi offers a wide range of high-quality surveying & construction tools.

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NWi has more than 25 years of expertise in the construction and positioning industry.

On our website, it is easy to choose from an array of levels (including laser levels), theodolites, prisms, tripods, and more.

Auto levels are perfect for surveying & grading applications. If you need a laser level, there are self-leveling rotary laser levels to pay attention to. You can purchase general-purpose, interior, and exterior devices. In addition, there are models with and without a detector.

Digital theodolites will help you measure angles in horizontal & vertical planes. The devices are accurate, they have dual back-lit LCD screens to show the readings.

NWi also offers single prism system packages (Nikon, Sokkia, or Topcon compatible).

The company’s tripods are reliable and durable, get the best model for you!

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