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Surveying Equipment is irreplaceable for land surveying, a complex process of taking precise measurements and collecting geospatial data related to the shape and contour of the Earth’s surface in order to determine the legal property boundaries, make maps, engineer, design, and build construction projects.

To do the job properly, surveyors use new and developing technologies, such as GPS, satellite imagery, robotics, laser scanning, and mapping, as well as fast computing to create complex layers of interconnected geographic information.

Surveyors use various types of specific surveying tools, including a theodolite, whose main job is to measure the angle between two points. Combining those angles with the distances from a chain or tape measure, the professionals can triangulate the location of any point using trigonometry. Modern theodolites, called total stations, can measure not only angles but distance as well. They have on-board computers to do the calculations and record the data for later use ... read more

Surveying Equipment

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Some total stations, able to measure distance, require a reflector that includes a surveying prism. It redirects a measuring beam back to the electronic device for processing distance.

One of the first actions with any surveying task is calculating true horizontal and vertical determinants. Levels help surveyors get correct readings. These devices come in different form factors and types, the most popular are automatic levels.

Tripods, as well as the other mounting accessories, play a significant role in taking accurate measurements. Used with all kinds of surveying equipment, they ensure solid, stable readings.

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