Calipers are used to take inside, outside, depth, and step measurements of objects. These tools are most commonly used in scientific labs and engineering applications where accurate measurements are necessary.  

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A dial caliper has a dial that displays the measurement with an indicator needle. The measurement of this tool is then combined with the reading given on the scale running along the beam of the caliper. A dial caliper is most commonly used to take outside, inside, step, and depth measurements. 

A digital caliper is an instrument used to take very accurate measurements. This caliper has a digital display that allows it to be easy to use. Most digital calipers are able to measure up to 0.0005 inches (0.01 mm). A digital caliper is among the tools used for measuring the external and internal length and also for internal and external diameters, and depth.   

An inside caliper is used to measure the inside diameter of a tube. Inside calipers measure hole diameters and distances between surfaces. To check the dimensions of a machined part, the calipers should be adjusted to the required dimension on a ruler, standard plug, or a hole gauge.

An outside caliper measures the external side of an object. To adjust an outside caliper to the width, you need to open its legs wider than the object and then bring them down to the object.   

A vernier caliper is a tool used for accurate measurements of linear dimensions, in simple words, it measures a straight line between two points. This tool has two scales: a main scale and a Vernier scale. The main scale is located on the length of the ruler, along which the jaws slide open and closed. The Vernier scale is placed on the bottom jaw that allows it to move along the main scale while measuring.

Calipers are portable tools that provide reliable and accurate measurements of distances along a part or an object. These tools come in various types and designs. Depending on the complexity of your work, you might consider what type of calipers is most suitable for you.

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