Welding & Soldering Equipment

People use welding and soldering equipment to create joints on a workpiece.

At Prime Buy, you can choose from:

  • welders & plasma cutters - there are MIG welders, TIG welders, and stick welders available - both professionals and DIYers can find the best equipment for their project; 
  • torches - you can buy straight cutting torches, torch kits, and more;
  • gas regulators - purchase single-stage cylinder regulators, two-stage cylinder regulators, gas saving flowmeter regulators, etc.;
  • tips - these items include welding/brazing tips, acetylene welding tips, general cutting tips, and so on;

You can also pay attention to the Parts & Accessories category and choose from adapters, connectors, welding blankets, and more.

Shop with Prime Buy and find the right solution for your application!

Welding & Soldering Equipment

Welding & Soldering Equipment

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