Cutting Injector Torches allow welders to cut cleaner and faster than with an acetylene torch. The major feature of these torches is regulating low acetylene pressure. 

Victor Style Hand Cutting Torches are ideal for a wide range of applications from cutting and welding, to heating. These torches provide smooth cutting, they work with all fuel gases.

Oxy-Acetylene Torches apply a gas-cutting method for separating metals with low-alloy and low-carbon properties. These torches bring a piece of metal to a temperature at which it burns on contact with them. Such a cutting process is possible only due to the proper proportion of oxygen with combustible gas. 

A Gas Axe Straight Cutting Torch is ideal for scrap and demolition cutting. It is most commonly used with propane and natural gas, however, it is also compatible with all gases such as propane/propylene-based fuels, natural gas, and acetylene.

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