A soldering iron and welding tools are used for the soldering or cutting process and require various types of components, especially tips. When buying a soldering or welding tool, there are different tips to choose from.

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A needle tip has pointed ends that are suitable for applications that require very high detail. There is a very small area at the end of the tip, which makes the device not suitable for soldering large components. A heating nozzle tip produces multiple flames for increased heating capacity.

A beveled tip has two flattened ends to resemble a ground-up pencil. The flat side  of the tip can hold more solder and transfer more heat to demanding joints than other tips. The tips are highly versatile and used for everyday tasks.

A cutting tip is used with acetylene and is made of copper alloy to withstand heat during the cutting process. The copper alloy allows to create exact holes for preheating and cutting oxygen bores.

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