How to Choose the Right Barcode Scanner?

Barcode Scanners

Choosing a barcode scanner is not a walk in the park. Small, big, entry-level, advanced...With so many models and features, how to choose the right one? Don’t worry, we will help you with that!

First, for those who don’t know, barcode scanners are designed to decode the information in the barcode (as the name implies). They measure the reflected light and interpret the code into numbers and letters that are passed on to your computer.

When shopping, you will be amazed at the variety of products, they differ in size, type, functions, and price. Obviously, you want a device that ensures excellent performance for a reasonable amount of money. In order to make the right decision, we recommend you to pay attention to the things you must consider when buying a barcode scanner.

There are several form factors of these devices. Pen scanners are easy-to-use, all you need to do is to swipe the pen over the barcode at a particular angle. In addition, they are inexpensive. To use a fixed-mount scanner, you have to pass the barcode in front of it. These devices are perfect for high-speed sorting, they can be also used in laboratory and kiosk applications.

Now, let’s figure out what type of device you require. There are 3 common types:

  • Laser scanners are popular among users. Here, a diode laser is used to read the barcode. Please note that you can read only 1D barcodes. On the other hand, laser barcode scanners are pretty affordable so you can save money.
  • Linear Imagers can also read 1D barcodes only, however, the working principle is different. They take a picture of the barcode, analyze it, and extract the information.
  • 2D Area Imagers work similarly as their linear counterparts, but these devices are more versatile as you can read any type of barcode. There is one more benefit of 2D area imagers, it is possible to read a barcode in any direction, no need to adjust the indicator to the code. Therefore, these devices are more convenient in use.

There are wired and wireless devices. Like everything under the sun, they have their benefits and drawbacks.

Wired scanners have been used for years. They are workhorses you can rely on. In addition, they are cheaper than wireless devices, however, there is one important issue: their usage is limited to the length of the cable. Wireless devices are more expensive but they are pretty popular among users thanks to the Bluetooth connection. We hope that now you can choose the product that will meet your needs.

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