Barcode Scanners

A Barcode Scanner, also known as a POS scanner, is a hand-held device used to scan the information, most often price, that is contained in a barcode.  

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Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanners

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Barcode scanners are available for various applications, some are better suited for certain tasks due to the reading distance and work volume capacity. Here are a few types of barcode scanners with a little insight into how each works. 

Laser barcode scanners are commonly used to track inventory and register purchases into a computerized management system. Laser scanners are ideal devices for providing fast and easy customer service in supermarkets and  restaurants. 

A CCD barcode scanner has a special digital imaging sensor that is capable of acquiring images in one of three formats: point scanning, line scanning, and area scanning.  

A USB barcode scanner is a device that should be connected to a PC via a USB port. This scanner uses software that is easy to download to your computer. 

Barcode scanners help to eliminate the possibility of human error. Errors when entering data manually occur more often than those that can happen when using a barcode scanner.

To sum up, barcode scanners are reliable devices that take definitely less time than entering data by hand. Select the ideal barcode scanner for your work on our website!