A valve regulates the movement of fluids (e.g. liquids, gases, etc.) through pipes and ducts by opening, closing, or partially obstructing passageways. Valves come in various styles, each having a unique design and serving a specific function. In addition, they are made of different materials, for instance, copper, brass, steel, and more. Read more...


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Let’s consider the most common valve types.

  • Ball valves utilize a special ball-shaped disk in order to stop/start the flow. Most of these valves have quick-acting 90-degree turn handles. Ball valves are suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential to industrial ones.
  • Butterfly valves use center-mounted circular flaps that swing into, and out of, the flow stream. These valves are great for tight spaces thanks to their compact design. They are used in wastewater plants, power plants, process plants, and more.
  • Check valves are used to prevent backflow in the piping system. The pressure of the fluid that passes through a pipeline opens the valve, any reversal of the flow will close the valve. These valves are used on gas lines, for air service, etc.
  • Diaphragm valves utilize flexible membranes to close off the flow in the pipe. They completely seal off the actuating means from the process fluid. These valves are used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, and semiconductor industries.
  • Float valves utilize hollow spheres or other shapes mounted on levers/tracks which open and close fluid inlets. The valves are used mainly to maintain the fluid in a tank at a specific level.
  • Gate valves block the fluid flow by using a plate-like barrier that can be lowered into the flow stream. The valves are used in wastewater plants, power plants, as well as process plants.
  • Globe valves use a globe-shaped disc that constricts the flow by closing against a restricting orifice. The valves are used for shut-off and regulating, great for wastewater plants, food processing facilities, and more.
  • Needle valves meter the fluid flow through tubing/ports. A tapered stem is inserted/withdrawn into or out of a similarly tapered orifice, creating a precise way of adjusting the fluid flow through the orifice. The valves are ideal for vacuum systems, metering systems.
  • Plug valves constrict the flow using a ported plug, they are perfect for shut-off and are used as control valves for the chemical process industries, processing plants, wastewater treatment facilities, etc.
  • Relief valves protect pressurized systems (e.g. boilers) from over-pressure conditions, usually by way of a spring-loaded diaphragm. They are perfect for use on pneumatic compressors, gas lines, in cryogenic systems, etc.

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