Diaphragm valves are ideal for corrosive applications where diaphragm materials and the body are selected for chemical compatibility (acids, bases). These devices are also applied for abrasive applications. The diaphragm can seal around entrained solids in the liquids and provide a positive seal. 

Back Pressure Valves are manufactured to prevent piping and equipment from pressure changes where the steady controlled pressure on the upstream side of the valve is required. These unique valves protect pumps from deadheading, over-pressurization, and pressure surge conditions and help to achieve back pressure in closed loop systems. 

Two-Way Diaphragm Valves, also known as solenoid valves, are applied to replace manual valves or for remote regulation. A two-way diaphragm valve requires opening or closing an orifice in the valve body. 

A diaphragm valve is simple in construction and operation. Several diaphragm valves may also have half-open or restricted positions where the membrane is partially closed, thus providing a throttled flow through the valve. Diaphragm valves are widely used in many industries as they are affordable and effective.