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What is a butterfly valve? It is a valve that is designed to isolate or regulate the flow of a fluid.

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Butterfly valves


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Butterfly valves belong to the family of quarter-turn valves. It means that they are fully closed or open when the disk is rotated a quarter turn. These valves are affordable and lightweight so that they require less support compared to other valve types.

How does a butterfly valve work? There is a disk that is positioned in the pipe center. A rod passes through it to the butterfly valve actuator that is on the outside of the valve. Rotating this actuator makes the disk turn parallel or perpendicular to the flow.

Let’s consider butterfly valves vs gate valves as they are popular on the market today. What’s the difference? Both of them can shut off or allow the flow, however, a butterfly valve, due to its construction, can also regulate the flow via partial disk closure. A butterfly valve can be shut off faster than a gate valve. Butterfly valves are perfect for large port sizes. Gate valves are great for high-pressure systems.

There are various designs of butterfly valves that can withstand different temperatures, pressures, etc. in order to meet the requirements of many applications.

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