Comprehensive, founded in 1974, provides unmatched connectivity solutions and accessories needed for audio-visual, video production, broadcast, and computer hardware used in today’s business and industry. Comprehensive creates innovative products that help people leverage the full power of their devices.

Highly dependable, affordable, and quality cables and signal management solutions are utilized by many audio, video, and computer experts. Prime Buy offers the best Comprehensive products. You can easily choose from:

Today, Comprehensive products became irreplaceable in digital signage systems, interactive meeting rooms, broadcast studios, multimedia classrooms, event venues, and other applications. The company's top-quality and high-performance solutions are also used for home theatres. Comprehensive strives to meet the needs of its customers.

Comprehensive is proud to offer products that comply with today’s highest standards in design, manufacturing, and testing, carrying an up-to-date product line. Everything is designed to let you work with confidence.

At Prime Buy, you’ll find everything you need and get the best value for your investment! Shop with us and use products that are built to last! All you need to do is to choose the right product for your application! As easy as ABC!

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