Label Maker - Everything You Want to Know

Resource Description

Life has become easier since man invented a handheld label printer. Extremely useful in offices, garages, and even at homes, label machines became irreplaceable, helping release your memory from detailed information in order not to mix everything up.

Nowadays, you can see a wide range of label printers with different features that might make you confused. We’ve sorted out features and technologies for you to understand what to choose.

How It Works

Everything is simple. You type out the name or numbers, may choose a design too, and press the “Print” key. The labeler can print it in two ways depending on what printing technology you have chosen: direct thermal or thermal transfer. Direct thermal printers use heat-sensitive paper that fades out over time. Thermal transfer printers apply heat to transfer ink from tape onto the label for a durable print.

Sphere Of Usage

Today’s world is full of different tools and devices we use on a day-to-day basis. But sometimes we don’t have enough time to look at them closer and remember all their parts. Label makers are user-friendly.

    You can label:
  • office or school essentials, important documents or supplies;
  • prices at shops;
  • bottles, jars, spices or other products in your kitchen;
  • boxes with tools and instruments in a garage;
  • flashcards when learning a language;
  • photos, scrapbooks, calendar days, b-day cards, gift tags, love notes;
  • assets, receipts, visitor IDs, and wristbands.

You can use labels both indoors and outdoors in various conditions (e.g. exposure to extreme temperatures, chemicals, and more).

Managing Tape Cartridges

There is a wide range of colors, sizes, styles, widths, and materials of a ribbon.

Managing Tape Cartridges

Color: there are 1- or 2- colored ones like Blue/Wight, Clear/Red, etc., embellished with print or ornaments such as Black Print on Purple Floral, Wight Print on Gold Diagonale, and much more you can imagine.

Size & Width: wide or narrow, short or long, with cuts between labels in a chain; multiple font sizes, styles, and emojis.

Material: Due to cutting-edge technology, P-Touch tape is presented in numerous materials: laminated or non-laminated, fluorescent, tamper-evident, flexible, extra-strength adhesive, metallic, HGe, TZe and HSe, and also satin, vinyl, nylon, polyester, polyolefin. The finish can be glossy or matte.

All the printing and laminating stuff happens inside of the tape cartridge. You don’t have to worry about running out of any one of the layers because they’re all withing the cartridge itself. Thus, it’s very easy to change the tape cartridge:

  1. Check that the label printer is turned off and open back cover
  2. Pull up the old cartridge and install a new one
  3. Replace back cover
  4. Press the “FEED” key - to feed the tape
  5. “cutter” key - to cut the tape off
  6. Try it out to test how successful was it installed

Overall View Of Label Makers

Handheld label makers and label printers are represented in various forms and sizes. Lightweight and portable labelers may be of telephonic, rectangle, square, or some other peculiar shape. The display may be wide, long, large, small, etc.

Overall View Of Label Makers The devices can connect directly to your PC or Mac with the help of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and allow you to print from Microsoft Word and Excel. The most common features are QWERTY keyboard, backlit LCD display, smart label application keys, build-in memory, advanced serialization options, rechargeable battery, etc.

Look around and you will understand that all things may be quickly put in order in one click. A portable label printer was meticulously designed to ensure excellent performance. Versatile options are simple in use that even a child can understand. back to top