Phenyx Pro Wireless Microphones

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Phenyx Pro Wireless Microphones

Phenyx Pro Wireless Microphones are cutting-edge solutions that offer excellent performance.

Phenyx Pro understands perfectly well the importance of crystal-clear audio for your professional audio needs. That's why Phenyx Pro wireless microphones are meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled sound reproduction as well as reliable connectivity. 

With a wireless microphone, you will be free from the constraints of cables. Whether you're a vocalist, public speaker, performer, or presenter, Phenyx Pro wireless microphones will provide you with the freedom to move effortlessly while delivering exceptional sound quality.

There is an extensive range of Phenyx Pro microphones for various applications and preferences. On our website, you will find the best solution.

The Phenyx Pro PTU-5000 is a top-tier wireless microphone system designed for professional use. With its 4-channel capability, this system is an ideal choice for both small and big venues.

Choose the PTU-5000A for vocal performances and dynamic presentations. It features 4 handheld microphones. The PTU-5000B is a versatile solution with 2 handheld mics, 2 bodypacks, and 2 headset/lapel microphone combo.

Experience the outstanding performance of the Phenyx Pro PTU-7000 wireless microphone system. With its 4-channel functionality, this system ensures pristine sound reproduction and offers crisp audio. The built-in auto-scan function enables you to effortlessly locate the optimal frequency.

Pay attention to the PTU-7000A, which includes 4 handheld microphones, for a complete setup suitable for unmatched performances. Alternatively, the PTU-7000B has 4 bodypacks and 4 headset/lapel microphones, offering versatility and convenience for a range of applications.

The Phenyx Pro PTU-71 wireless microphone system combines extraordinary crisp audio, reliable performance, and affordability. 

Featuring an advanced scan function, the PTU-71 effortlessly locates available frequencies, eliminating worries about dropouts. Say goodbye to audio disruptions and step on stage with the confidence you deserve. You can choose from the PTU-71A (Dual Handheld UHF Wireless Microphone System with 2x100 channels) and the PTU-71B (Dual Wireless Microphone System with 2x100 Channels) options. 

With Phenyx Pro wireless microphone systems, you will achieve the results you want. Choose from a wide range of products on Prime Buy!

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