On Prime you can find thousands of products: Education & Teaching Supplies, Hand Tools and Instruments, HVAC/R Equipment, Lab & Scientific technologies, Optics, Safety and Security products, etc. Being an Authorized Distributor for all brands on this website, we offer top-quality products with manufacturers’ warranties.

To make our website convenient and user-friendly, all items are divided into 23 Departments. Each Department has its specific categories.

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Prime Buy is a bridge between end-users and manufacturers. We are committed to quality and appreciate your trust. We are proud to offer our service to hundreds of our customers, providing them with a wide choice of items they need for their work and day-to-day life. We make every effort to improve our company and service, that is why we constantly improve and update our product selection.

Why organize products into departments? The answer is simple: we value our customers’ time and energy. Dividing all items we sell into several departments and categories helps our customers find the products they need effortlessly. To browse through our products, just choose the department or category from the list above.