There are devices for various applications. For example, weatherproof battery chargers are intended to be used outside. Such chargers are usually waterproof and/or resistant to dust, heat, etc. These battery chargers can be used for fishing, recreational boats, and more.

When choosing a battery charger, there are some things to consider. 

Voltage equals the electrical strength of the charger. It is important that both the charger and the battery have the same voltage. Note that if the voltage is higher than necessary, it can damage the battery.

Another thing to pay attention to is amperage, it measures the amount of electrical current that flows through the charger during operation and impacts charge time. Depending on purpose, battery chargers have different amperage. Here are common charging rates: 2-amp, 10-amp, 12-amp, 15-amp (and more). Higher amp ratings will lead to faster charging, however exceeding the recommended rate for your battery could lead to dangerous situations. Always check your battery’s specifications.

Make sure that the batteries you use are compatible with the charger. In addition, don’t overcharge your batteries, thus you will extend their life. If your batteries are properly charged and used, you won’t damage your equipment.

Automatic battery chargers ensure safe and trouble-free charging, they shut off when the battery is full. At Prime Buy, there is a huge selection of top-quality chargers, get the best one for your application!