Cable locks are versatile cables that wrap around equipment and an anchor point and lock with a key, combination, or even both to prevent theft or unauthorized use. These locks are used with items that cannot be secured with a padlock, like portable equipment, tools, bikes, and computers.

Cabinet Locks have a tumbler, just like a door lock that works in the same way. When you insert the key into the cabinet lock, the teeth are pushed, and roll the tumblers into another position. When the right key is used, the tumblers lock into the open position, and you can turn the key.

Chain Locks are made up of a series of hardened steel links and a lock. Such a lock can be integrated into the chain, or it can be a separate padlock. Their relative length and flexibility allow you to secure, for example, your bike to a broad range of objects.

Electric Strikes are special electromechanical door-locking devices. They are used in combination with another form of locking device, such as a lock set or a panic bar. Unlike a conventional door strike, which needs the door latch to be retracted for it to open, the electric strike unlocks the door by folding back to release the door latch as the user pulls the door open.

Padlocks are used for two main purposes. They are used to prevent unauthorized access to an area, building, or item and to prevent theft. Often, their use is a combination of these applications, for example, securing a shed or another outbuilding.

A smart lock is a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled smart home device that lets users leave their house keys behind, locking and unlocking doors just with the tap of a finger or a voice command. In addition, the smart lock can allow remote access, so you can unlock a door to let in a guest while you’re at work.

Vehicle locks allow drivers or front passengers to lock and unlock the doors of a vehicle. You can also choose from wheel locks and more.

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