When it comes to considering for type of padlock to choose, you may find it a little complicated. There are many types, shapes, and sizes of padlocks and some of them a designed for high security, while others are for high weather protection to be used outdoors.

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A conventional style padlock is one of the most popular padlocks. It has a shackle, a body, and a locking mechanism. A shackle is essentially a U-shaped piece of metal that allows the attachment and removal of a padlock.

A shackless padlock is typically made from solid steel. In fact, it has a shackle that is also entirely attack-proof as it is concealed and protected by the solid steel body.

A combination padlock operates the same way as a lever mechanism. When the tumblers are aligned, the slots permit a fence to retract, which releases the bolt so that it can be opened.

A tubular lock is a high-security lock designed to make picking difficult. Its pins are set in a circle with the key being a tube-like item with cuts. Such a lock offers high security, and it is often used on gun safes, vending machines, and more.

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