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Home Automation is an essential part of a security system for home security control. An automated security system allows homeowners to monitor and control their home’s security remotely or via an in-home dashboard, providing both safety and security for the home and a potential deterrent for criminals.

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Home Automation

Home Automation

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A Motion Detector is an essential electronic device of any security system. When its sensor detects motion, an alert is sent to the security system. Motion Detectors are generally used to alert users when unwanted people enter restricted areas.

Many motion sensors allow you to regulate sensitivity, so it won’t trigger if the distance to the object is too far. Motion detectors are generally installed at entry points such as windows and doors to trigger the burglar alarm.

An ultraviolet sensor is used to measure the power or intensity of incident ultraviolet radiation. UV sensors are transmitters that respond to one type of energy signal by producing energy signals of a different type. Generally, these signals can be sent from the UV sensor to an analog-to-digital converter and then to a computer with software to generate graphs and reports.

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