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A cable lock is essentially a flexible cable and a lock with a key, combination, or both. It is used to prevent the unauthorized use or theft of an object. One of the main advantages of using a cable lock is that it is pretty long and flexible, which means that it is easy to wrap around a secure object, such as a pole, tree, etc. There are various solutions for different purposes.

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Cable lock

Cable Locks

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Cable locks for laptops (a cable lock with combination is a great option) allow you to keep your precious device secure at the office, on the road, wherever you are. How does it work? As simple as ABC if your laptop has a Kensington slot. One end of the cable lock is affixed to the laptop and the other is attached to any secure object, for example, a desk leg. 

Cable locks for bikes are for those who want to be sure that their vehicle is always protected and won’t be stolen. Typically, a bike cable lock is pretty lightweight, just put it in your bag and forget about it until you need it. If you want a higher level of security, a great solution is to use an alarm cable lock. It is designed to alert to tampering or theft. There are locks with various features. For instance, Trimax alarm cable locks have push-button activation. In addition, the cable is inside a housing that is weather-resistant.

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