Adjustable pliers offer two or more widths to accommodate a wider range of tasks. The jaws of these pliers consist of two parts. The mouth of the jaws has a flat, serrated texture to grip flat surfaces, and the jaws behind it curve out to grip rounded surfaces. The handle allows you to grip pliers, while the head cuts the material you’re working with. 

Long-nose pliers include a long jaw that tapers down to a point. These types of pliers are used for more delicate tasks in hard-to-access places. Long-nose pliers perform multiple tasks, for instance bending wires, gripping fittings, placing fasteners, and even cutting, that more heavy-duty pliers might not complete.

Flat-Nose Pliers have tapered jaws serrated on their flat inner surfaces. This type of pliers is used by mechanics and electricians to bend and grip small metal parts and to twist wires together.

Combination Pliers are multi-purpose tools that combine gripping jaws with wire cutters. These pliers are used for gripping, compressing, bending, twisting, extracting, and cutting different materials in a number of industries and DIY projects as well. 

Locking Pliers have a double-lever action to operate as a hand-held vise. The tool’s jaws have a locking-down feature that provides much greater pressure than other pliers have. When the lever gets triggered, the locking pliers release their hold.

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