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Hand tools do not consume electricity or gasoline, they are usually noiseless, and their batteries never run out. All that is needed for the long service and effective operation of such a tool is the skillful and careful hands of the master.

Despite the current popularity of power tools, which are user-friendly and multifunctional, manual instruments do not lose their relevance and probably will never do. That is why hand tools will be in request at all times.

What is the reason for this? The lifetime of high-quality manual carpentry and building tools is several times longer than the life of a power tool, the resource of which is always limited.

A good hammer or pliers can serve you faithfully not only for years but also for more

Hand Tools

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Today’s market has an immense diversity of tools for repair and construction. Prime Buy offers a wide range of hand tools from trustworthy companies, including Wilton, Proto, Jameson, Triplett, Slice, and more.

They are representatives of efficiency, functionality, durability, safety, and strength.

Each item in our Hand Tools department was carefully selected to bring you the best tools available:

As you know, a good hand tool for construction work is half the success.

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