Thermacut is a manufacturer that produces a wide selection of replacement torches, guns, and consumables that are used for plasma, laser, and oxyfuel cutting and welding industries.

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Thermacut company was founded in 1990 by the engineer Jiri Zaplatel in the Czech Republic.

Thermacut engineers maintain to provide products that are made of high-quality improved materials. The company’s goal is to allow metal and welding industries to develop the quality and value of their manufacturings. 

Thermacut provides a variety of plasma torch heads and a full line of mechanized and manual consumables for welding and metal cutting spheres. Thermacut devices are produced for different types of thermal cutting to provide a developed cut quality, durability, and easier installation.

The Thermacut has been manufacturing high-quality and durable replacement devices and consumables for plasma, laser, and oxyfuel cutting for the market around the globe for several decades.

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