TAKEX offers world-trusted security and industrial automation sensors.

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More than 60 years of TAKEX expertise and quality have been chosen at the highest level of royal, government, and military organizations around the world. Reliable and long-lasting TAKEX sensors are manufactured in advanced factories in Japan with strict quality control and rigorous testing at every stage of production.

TAKEX is committed to providing the most leading quality products and the finest customer satisfaction. The company successfully implements its plan and mission with constant product improvement.

TAKEX offers a wide range of active infrared beams, including:

  • Photoelectric Beams - ensure complete perimeter protection by combining three technologies - a Double Modulated beam with a Tuning Amplifier and a Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) system - that provide unrivaled resistance to direct and reflected sunlight, vehicle headlights, and other light sources.
  • Outdoor PIR - reliable external protection concept for switching CCTV systems and activating alarm bells.
  • Indoor PIR - a combination of high-production optics and cutting-edge circuitry with first-class components available.
  • Microwave Sensors - reliable protection in any weather.
  • Speaker/Attention Sensors - best providers of information messages for shopping malls, hospitals, and public buildings, as well as the primary means of transmitting alarms in hazardous areas.
  • Tower Enclosures - Active Infrared Beams developed for additional security. Reliable and durable devices for wall or floor mounting.

These products are used in a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor applications. Choose what suits your specific needs and order at Prime Buy!

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