Jensen Transformers was established in 1974 right after Deane, the founder, perfectly coped with re-engineering transformers to increase the frequency response. In addition, Deane introduced:

  • the Bessel curve that Jensen is famous for;
  • models with double Faraday shields for noise rejection;
  • rapid QC testing of core materials.

When the company is founded and led by a true genius, there is nothing but success. By 1988, many of Jensen products were in use around the globe, and the company built an impeccable reputation for quality and reliability. Years passed and the company had more and more customers, one of the biggest being Radial Engineering. But Radial’s demand had outpaced Jensen’s ability to deliver. Then, the president of Radial Engineering, Peter Janis, decided to invest in Jensen Transformers. In 2014, an agreement was signed.

To design and manufacture up-to-date transformers, the following steps are taken every day:

  • core materials are tested to comply with permeability requirements;
  • for an unparalleled design, laminations are stacked by hand;
  • ultra-precise Swiss-made Meteor numeric winders are used to wind the bobbins and guarantee a perfect transformer-to-transformer consistency.

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