TSC Barcode Printers

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TSC barcode printers are characterized by excellent performance. The defining features of these printers are ergonomic design, a user-friendly control panel, and high throughput. Such equipment is designed for rapid product labeling and allows you to put a barcode, article, description, name, and other product information on the label.

Manufacturing, healthcare, warehouse & logistics, retail are just a few of the industries supported by TSC barcode printers.

A desktop barcode printer is the most suitable option for labeling products in offices as it has a compact size and is easily moved.

Industrial label printers are intended for the daily printing of large batches of labels. Such printers are characterized by increased endurance, they can easily handle a huge volume of work.

TSC label printers economically use consumables, print material fast, and withstand intense operating loads.

Label thermal printer is a direct thermal printing device that reproduces the picture by thermal spot action of the working head on the heat-sensitive layer of the label.

Thermal transfer printers transfer the image from the ink ribbon to different types of materials. They act on the carrier with a heated print head and, as a result, create an image.

Choosing the right printer depends on the purposes for which they are intended, and, therefore, required specifications, such as resolution, print width, print speed, printing method, and many others.

TSC presents a wide range of barcode printers with various characteristics according to your preferences at the most competitive prices.

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