Trumpf Nibbler Tools

Trumpf Nibbler Tools

Be more maneuverable through thick and thin with state-of-the-art Trumpf Nibblers. The company offers powerful yet lightweight power tools that are unrivaled in quality and durability. Trumpf TruTool nibblers are ideal for plumbing, coil cutting, container and tank assembly/disassembly.

Whether it's 0.01" or 0.4" sheet thickness, Nibblers by Trumpf can handle it all. Every model offers excellent performance and has its own peculiarities. Now, let's take a look at the specifications of each Trumpf TruTool model.

TruTool N 160 & TruTool N 160 12V LiHD Rechargeable Battery

The TruTool N 160 model and the TruTool N 160 with a 12V LiHD Rechargeable Battery ensure perfect cutting of flat and corrugated metal sheets up to 0.06" thick. Ideal for diagonal, interior, and radial cutouts.

They are distinguished by their accuracy and speed. To the point, you’ll never see any flying sparks when working with them. Due to the additional optional extension, the range of applications also expands, making it easy to work with deep profiles.

Here, you can look through the table with their main differences and similarities:

TruTool N 160

TruTool N 160

TruTool N 160 12V LiHD Rechargeable Battery

TruTool N 160 12V LiHD Rechargeable Battery

  • Finest results when cutting sheets with a thickness of 0.01" - 0.03";
  • Easy to use due to its ergonomic design and low weight. An impressive value for money;
  • Compact and practical 12V battery. Compatible in its voltage class with a 12V-36V charger;
  • Virtually limitless lifespan, almost wear- and tear-free, and barely any maintenance required;
Work without exhaustion is possible with a soft grip that minimizes vibration and provides a secure hold;
The resulting cuts are not subject to distortion and corrosion;
Due to rotating punch, the tool wears down evenly.

TruTool N 200 & TruTool N 200 18V LiHD Rechargeable Battery

TruTool N 200 TruTool N 200 18V LiHD Rechargeable Battery

Lightweight and compact cordless and electric variants of the TruTool N 200, PN 200, and PN 201 provide unsurpassed performance on curves. Built on the same multifunctional foundation, each power tool has its own strengths for processing different metal sheets:

  • TruTool N 200 for flat and corrugated sheets;
  • TruTool N 200 18V LiHD rechargeable battery for up to 0.07" sheet thickness;
  • TruTool PN 200 for trapezoidal sheets up to 3.34" deep and C, L, and U profiles;
  • TruTool PN 201 for trapezoidal sheets up to 6.37" deep.

TruTool N 200 models have a big plus - no tools are needed to change the cutting direction since the machines can be rotated on the spot. With them, you can quickly and effortlessly adjust the direction and get even to hard-to-reach places. Furthermore, you don't need any additional tools to change dies and punches

TruTool N 350 - In The Mid-Power Range

TruTool N 350

TruTool N 500 - A True Power In Four Directions

TruTool N 500

This model is well-known for its convenience. The CR punch is specifically designed for easy cuts of sheets up to 0.14" thick (mild steel) and 0.1" thick (high-tensile steel). Ideal grip ergonomics is a guarantee of comfortable and efficient work.

Experience unique versatility with the TruTool N 500. This model requires minimal force to cut edges and welding seams. 360 ° rotation in 4 steps, as well as cutting in reverse, gives you ample opportunity to dismantle tanks and containers, handle rolls and parts with bends up to 90°. Specifically designed punches and dies ensure perfect cutting performance.


TruTool N 700 - A Perfect Dismantling Nibbler

TruTool N 700

TruTool N 1000 - A Powerful and Heavy-Duty Machine 

TruTool N 1000

The TruTool N 700 is a lightweight nibbler. There is no need for feed force when working with the TruTool N 700, so you cut doubled sheets and bends up to 90° with minimal effort. Maximum comfort is the ability to work in four directions, which, in fact, is possible with this model.

The two easily swapped handles deserve special attention:

  • Ergonomic, compact handle for easy handling in tight spaces;
  • And the bow handle is well-suited for all working situations.

There is no better cutting tool for thick sheets except the TruTool N 1000 from Trumpf.

  • Specifically designed to dismantle tanks and containers;
  • Possible nibbling of up to 0.4" without feed force;
  • Provides perfect cuts with a 2-speed motor - you choose the speed that suits the material thickness, strength, and the type of the workpiece;
  • Already familiar 4 cutting directions through 360°;
  • A powerful 2600 W motor, with sophisticated gear technology, greatly handles continuous loads;
  • The machine has become much easier to control since the handle is rotated through 180°.

Nibbling itself is a cold process without heat impact. Its principle is based on cutting plate-like parts with a fast sequence of punching strokes. The entire punching force is borne by the die holder. They are extremely sturdy and made of high-strength steel.

With Trumpf Nibblers, you make minimal effort to get maximum results. Prime Buy offers a wide range of nibblers - choose the one that suits your requirements!

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