Sunkist Juicer

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Sunkist is a manufacturer of juicers to provide users with fresh juices while using cost-effective devices. There are 3 major series of Sunkist juicers with cutting-edge features available on the market today!

The Sunkist Commercial Juicer is equipped with a quiet, heavy-duty, high-torque motor that efficiently makes the maximum amount of juice from the pulp, with a 20 gallon-per-hour capacity.

The innovative design of the high-torque, metal, oscillating strainer produces the maximum amount of juice out of every piece of fruit. The quiet, heavy-duty, durable strainer can oscillate at 3,450 times per minute. The Sunkist Commercial Juicer sets the standard for commercial-grade juicing equipment.

The Sunkist Pro Series Juicer is easy to use and clean up as well. The Pro Series Juicer includes a patented processing system that efficiently extracts juice from the pulp. This device is a perfect example of the Sunkist quality that is trusted by most users.

The Sunkist Signature Series Juicer has a compact frame that will fit perfectly in your kitchen. The Signature Series Juicer includes a rotating metal strainer that extracts the juice from the pulp up to 5 gallons per hour. Its high-torque, heavy-duty motor operates quietly to reduce noise in your kitchen.

Sunkist has been solving food service industry challenges with portable and cost-effective juicers for decades. It ensures that users will be provided with durable equipment. Choose the best Sunkist Juicer on Prime Buy!

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