Schaefer Fans - Circulation and Exhaust Fans

Schaefer Fans

Looking for best-in-class ventilation solutions? Look no further, pay attention to Schaefer fans! These products are widely used in the agricultural, industrial, and commercial markets. Dairies, greenhouses, warehouses, we are sure that you will find something for your application! There are circulation and exhaust fans available.


Typically, these fans are used for mixing indoor air in order to create a uniform indoor climate. Schaefer’s fans evenly distribute the air, in addition, using them is energy-efficient.

Deep Guard Circulation Fans

Forget about the problems caused by heat, we recommend you to use Schaefer’s deep guard circulation fans! They are designed to produce greater air movement as well as effective cooling with less noise. It is worth mentioning that the VK12 fan is a perfect option for use in a greenhouse.


36" Versa-Kool® Chain Mount Circulation Fans are durable and lightweight. They have an unmatched high airflow design with non-restrictive guards. The fans are easy to move, in addition, they are stackable for easy storage. You can choose from the VKC36 and the VKC36-3 models.

Versa-Kool Chain Mount Circulation Fans

36" Versa-Kool® Extreme Circulation Fans with Optional Misting

Versa-Kool® Extreme Circulation Fans with a Misting Ring are compact yet powerful air movers. They are engineered to push high-speed air streams over a long distance. With the optional misting package, you can easily equip your dairy with an excellent evaporative cooling solution! 

Versa-Kool Extreme Circulation Fans with a Misting Ring

36" Versa-Kool® Mobile Oscillating Fans

Durable and powerful, these fans also offer 90 degrees of movement for larger cooling coverage. On top of that, the fans are portable and are equipped with casters and convenient handles.

Versa-Kool® Mobile Oscillating Fans

36" Versa-Kool® Mobile Tiltable Fans

These fans are ideal for moving large amounts of air at high speeds. These tiltable fans offer 90 degrees of movement and have casters as well as handles. The fans are designed for personal comfort or livestock/equipment cooling needs.

Versa-Kool® Mobile Tiltable Fans


Shutter-style exhaust fans Schaefer also offers reliable exhaust fans.

They are designed to pull odors, fumes, as well as moisture from the area you need. Contaminants are propelled through the exhaust vent, exiting your house, warehouse, greenhouse, etc.

Shutter-style exhaust fans are ideal for use in buildings with thin walls, for example, greenhouses, if you need low or medium exhaust airflow. The fans are easy to install, they are mounted flush to the exterior wall.

Schaefer fans are built to last, they ensure excellent performance. Unless noted otherwise, these fans are made in the USA. They have extra-durable housings, rugged guards. There are various products to choose from. However, it is important to find the right product for your specific application. The fans are available in different diameters. Shop with Prime Buy and use high-quality products.

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