Pronto ID Card Printers

Resource Description

Pronto ID Card Printer is a combination of affordable price and high reliability of single-sided printing of ID cards.

The printer is ideal for security and access control services in small companies, offices, and institutions where there is a need to use employees’ access cards and temporary electronic passes for visitors, customer loyalty cards, discount cards as well as membership cards for sports clubs or other needs.

The Pronto printer has high throughput for printing both color and monochrome images. The print speed for monochrome printing is no more than 7 seconds and up to 35 seconds for full-color printing, allowing to achieve excellent performance in a short time.

The main benefit of the printer is its ability to provide a high degree of protection against document counterfeiting due to the patented HoloPatch function, a special gold seal visible at any viewing angle. In conjunction with one of the four available watermarks, your company will achieve maximum protection against uninvited guests.

An important specification is rewritable printing that allows you to repeatedly print monochrome cards with subsequent erasure which significantly reduces consumables.

–°ompact size and ergonomic design of the printer allow you to install it on the desktop in offices and thanks to its portability, you can easily transport it for off-site use to make the access control experience for your business functional and mobile.

The thermal transfer method "from edge to edge" provides high-quality printing while economically consuming the dye film.

You can also choose a printer with the function of encoding ID cards by applying a magnetic strip.

Pronto ID Card Printer is an effective solution that combines power, reliability, convenience, ease of setup, and use. On top of that, it is competitively priced.