Merrill Pitless Adapters

Merrill Pitless Adapters

Merrill Pitless Adapters provide a water-tight connection between the drop pipe from the submersible pump inside the well and the water line running to the service location. 

Merrill Pitless Adapters help to prevent not only freezing but also allow easy maintenance of the well components without the need to dig around the well. 

Merrill No Lead Brass Pitless Adapters are used for connecting a submersible well pump discharge pipe to the horizontal pipe entering the house. The two-piece design allows the adapter to be permanently mounted to the well casing while still being able to remove the pump.

Merrill Stainless Steel Pitless Adapters offer seamless connection and easy removal. The stainless steel collar of the device perfectly fits and has a positive seal with a molded gasket between the discharge and the outside of the casing.

Merrill Pitless Adapters have Passed Certified Watertight Standards PAS-1, PAS-97(2019), and ASSE #1093-2019 established and regulated for the industry by the Pitless Adapter Division of Water Systems Council.

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