Magtek Card Readers

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Magtek card readers

Magtek card readers are reliable authenticators for mobile, countertop, and OEM digital transaction solutions.   

Magtek OEM solutions are designed for minimal development effort with maximum durability, and the MagneSafe Security Architecture protects transactions wherever they take place.

The Magtek SCRAs series is trusted by most businesses. The devices capture data with a single swipe and offer flexible options for customers that require ease of use. These Secure Card Reader Authenticators accept a manual entry, magnetic stripe, barcode, EMV chip, EMV contactless, and NFC contactless payments from wearables and mobile wallets. 

The iDynamo 5 offers MagneSafe security and delivers open standards encryption with simple DUKPT key management and MagnePrint card authentication to maximize data protection and prevent the use of counterfeit cards.

The Magtek Bullet Magnetic Card Reader comes with the flexibility and portability of a Bluetooth wireless interface. It provides secure wireless communications with a PC or mobile phone using the popular Bluetooth interface.

Magtek offers secured devices and services across the globe to governments, financial institutions, merchants, and any party committed to safer transactions. Choose the best Magtek card readers on Prime Buy!

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