How to save more when shopping with Prime Buy

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Nowadays, you can buy virtually anything you want. Of course, offline stores are still popular among many people. Why? In some cases, it is convenient. For instance, if you know exactly that the hammer you need will be in your local store, you can easily stop by the shop on your way home and buy the tool. However, what if the hammer is out of stock or you want something else? Here is where online shopping comes in handy! Its advantages are undeniable: a multitude of products from various brands and an opportunity to find the same product at a lower price. Moreover, you can save money thanks to discounts, special offers, sales, etc.

When shopping with Prime Buy, you will probably notice that we suggest the most attractive prices. However, in case the price is lower than stated in the MAP policy of a manufacturer, feel free to add an item to the cart and see the price or click on the "See lower price" button. For more information about the Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy, click here.

prime buy coupon

With coupons, you can get products at lower prices. How does it work?

  • Step one: you have to get coupons. They are available on our social media (feel free to subscribe), our website, or couponator sites. You can also contact us and get a coupon by request. There are coupons on your first purchase, as well as on orders of $599+, $999+, and $1499+. You can find the full list of our coupons here.
  • Step two: use coupons. All you need to do is to copy the coupon code and insert it in the corresponding field in your cart.

prime buy deals

Promotions are another way to save money when shopping with us. Each deal has its conditions and limits. To take advantage of our limited-time offers, you should:

  • Similar to coupon codes, first you have to find these offers. They are available on our website, just click on the “DEALS” button in the top left corner.
  • Then follow the instructions and get discounts, free shipping, or gifts!

Pay less and enjoy shopping with Prime Buy!