How To Cut Pex Pipe?

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Pex pipes are the perfect alternative to copper pipes due to their flexibility and easier adjustability. You may cut these pipes effortlessly by applying a specific cutter. You need only to measure pipes properly before applying the cutting process, use a cutting tool to provide a clean cut of the PEX pipe.

Tips For Proper Cutting A PEX Pipe

To start the cutting process, you will need several tools:

Tubing Cutter

Tape Measure

Paint Marker

Pex Pipe

Be sure that the specific tubing cutter is used to cut PEX pipes, thus preventing cutting it with minimal mistakes. It is also significant to note that if you cut the PEX pipe improperly, it may lead to leak damage.

Step 1:

Straighten the PEX pipe out as much as you can. Be sure that you measure and cut the pipe evenly, with straightened tubing. Crimp the pipe upright on the opposite side that is crimping. Lay the pipe on a flat surface and straighten it up.

Step 2:

Measure the PEX pipes and add an extra 1 inch (2,5 cm). PEX pipes should never be fixed tightly between fittings. Take the tape measure to determine the exact size of the pipe you need, then add an extra 1 inch (2,5 cm). This will provide a flexible piping system in the room.

Step 3:

Mark the line where you need to cut on the pipe with a permanent marker. When you clearly mark the cutting line, it will provide a proper cutting process and you will prevent mistakes.

Step 4:

Put the part of the PEX pipe you need to cut into the tubing cutter. Place the marked line directly under the blade of the tool. Hold it directly in place.

Step 5:

Wring the tubing cutter strongly for a clean cut. Hold the handles of the tool, squeeze them, and press the blade onto the PEX pipe. Keep squeezing until the blades cut the pipe completely.

Step 6:

Continue squeezing until the cutting tool finishes the cut. If you use a small pipe cutter, squeeze it again and twist the tool until you finish the cut.

Advantages Of Using A PEX Pipe

  • Adjustable PEX pipe is transported and stored on spools unlike metal or rigid plastic pipes that should be cut into certain lengths.
  • Plumbing installation applying PEX piping needs fewer fittings, unlike rigid plastic pipes.
  • Fixing the PEX pipe to the fittings doesn’t require soldering thus preventing several hazards according to the lead-based solder and acid fluxes.
  • PEX pipes are corrosion-resistant when exposed to acidic water and freeze-proof.
  • PEX maintains energy as it doesn’t transmit heat compared to copper pipes.
  • Water flows through the PEX pipes silently.
  • PEX plumbing fixing costs less due to inexpensive material and less time that is taken for the installation.

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