How Do I Choose a Good ID Card Printer?

How do I choose a good ID card printer? There are hundreds of people asking this question. If you are one of them, this article is definitely for you!

There are many printers for different purposes and wallets. You can find compact and large variants, devices with a limited number of features and advanced machines. So how not to make a mistake and choose a reliable device? Of course, you’d better know a thing or two about this topic. We gathered for you the most important information so you can choose the best device for your purposes.

So let us begin with some theory. There are direct-to-card printers and retransfer printers. They utilize resin thermal transfer (for black text and barcodes) and dye sublimation (for color images). WIth similar technology, retransfer printers work a bit differently. Here, the images are printed on a clear film which is fused onto the card surface afterward.

Think about the printing volume. If you buy a basic printer that is intended for simple tasks, you can’t expect that it copes with hundreds of cards a day, right? In this case, we recommend you to consider more advanced models. It also works the other way around. You do not want to overpay for a device with extra power and additional features that are unnecessary for you.

There are media features that include surface quality, durability, and special security elements. If you choose a device with optimal capabilities, you will get high-resolution graphics, reliable barcodes, etc. Among other important things is database verification, it consists of a central archive of cardholder data, including photos, ID numbers, the date and place of card issue, etc.

You can also use coupons to get products at lower prices. You also need to take care of security. There are printers that can encode all necessary information right at the time your card is printed. In case you want the highest card security, look no further than lamination. They have at least two undeniable advantages. First, such cards are more durable than non-laminated ones. And second, with laminating ID card printers, it is possible to add holographic images, which will enhance your ID card’s security right away! Magicard ID card printers have a built-in card security feature such as the HoloKote® secure watermark. It is printed on to the card surface during the normal print cycle, in this process, standard consumables are used. Please note that the devices have a function of encoding smart cards in-line with printing. Entrust Datacard ID card printers include devices that apply customized security laminates and personalize smart cards.

Last but not least is connectivity and compatibility. What devices you are going to connect your printer to? There are models with USB, Ethernet interfaces, WiFi connectivity, etc. You also need to bear in mind that the device must be compatible with your operating system.

Whatever product you purchase, please remember to read the user’s guide, follow the instructions and your device will work properly.

Now that you know some basic information about ID card printers, we hope you can easily find what you need. Feel free to browse the products below and find the best solution for you! 

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