Coin Sorting Machine

Coin sorter machine

A coin sorter machine is an equipment used to collect several coins into separate bins or tubes with various denominations. Coin sorter machines are applied for certain specific countries.

Sorting coins or money is quite tough work. That is why the coin sorter machine is a perfect choice for markets or for those who collect coins. This device helps users to make the coin counting process precise, fast, and effortless.

Several markets, stores, cafes, and other industries use coin sorting machines. Many customers consider a coin sorting machine to be an easy device that provides the highest precision.

All coins have their specific diameter and thickness. The coin sorting machines separate them by the size of tubes, taking them to specific cups.

Ribao offers you a coin sorting machine with improved technologies. Ribao coin-sorting machines provide a rapid sorting of 18.000 coins at once. This coin sorter has a heavy-duty design for quick and effortless operation. HCS-3500AH is a well-designed, heavy-duty, and high-speed coin-sorting machine that provides faster speed, and perfectly matches for sorting big coins of more than 30 mm in diameter.

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