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Best Smart Lock For You

Personal and family safety is an essential ingredient of a happy life. The Ultraloq Whole-Home smart lock system is designed in an innovative way for your peace of mind. The smart keyless system can be easily integrated into your lifestyle. You can be always aware of who comes to your home wherever you are. The app on your smartphone has a wide range of functions. The ultimate security and convenience are presented in the following instruments developed and produced by Ultraloq.

DeadBolt Levers Combo Multi-Point WiFi Adaptor



U-Bolt Pro

5-in-1 Smart Entry Lock

6-in-1 Smart Entry Lock

U-BOLT-SN 5 in 1 Smart Deadbolt Lock, Satin Nickel

Smartphone App Code Auto Unlock System Magic Shake Mechanical Key

u bolt pro
U-BOLT-PRO 6 in 1 Smart Deadbolt Lock, Black w/ Satin Nickel

What can you do with a smartphone app?

| Share temporary/scheduled Ekeys and control access to your door from any corner of the world with Bridge WiFi Adaptor

| Be notified if someone opens your door

| Unlock the door with the tap of a button

| Open the lock by shaking the locked phone

| Have a complete log of entries with the exact time, date, and method of entry

Anti-Peep Code

Anti-Peep Code

The first and last random digits protect your passcode from prying eyes

u bolt pro ultraloq

Mechanical Key

The U-Bolt Pro has a hidden backup mechanical key

u bolt pro ultraloq


4-in-1 Smart Handle




UL3-BT-AB Bluetooth Smart Lever Lock

| Apple Watch App - helps to open the door without taking out the phone

| Anti-Peep Code - hide your real 4-8 digit code between random first and last digits 

| Auto Lock - set a time for the Lever to automatically lock after your door is closed

automatically lock ultraoq

| Hidden backup mechanical key

ultraloq UL1

UL1-SN Bluetooth Enabled Smart Lock


| Key Fob

| Simple, compact, elegant

| Dual Battery System

| Weather Resistant - solid Zinc Alloy casing

ultraloq UL3

UL3-BT-SN Bluetooth Smart Lever Lock

| Anti-Peep Touchscreen - hide your real 4-8 digit code between random first and last digits 

| Knock to Open - knock on your iPhone 4 times to open your door

| Shake to Open - wake up your phone and shake it (Android only) to open your door

Hidden backup mechanical key

| Hidden backup mechanical key

| Weather Resistant - durable one-piece Zinc alloy body

| Sense-on - the door unlocks automatically when you reach out your finger to the keypad

ultraloq Fingerprint

Cutting-edge Fingerprint Identification

Smart Phone App:

- Well-Ordered Log Record

- Remote & Temporary Ekey Access


Lever + Deadbolt

ultraloq combo



Ultraloq Combo is your advanced double security solution. Weather & dustproof deadbolt and lever offer various ways of access, such as fingerprint ID, smartphone, key fob, or mechanical key. The locks are interconnected so that one touch opens two locks.


ultraloq UL300

UL300-BK-UB01 UL300 Multi-Point Smart Lock

6-in-1 UL300 Smart Lock


| Smartphone App - full control in one place

| 0,4 sec fingerprint identification

| Smart 4-8 digit Code, Key Fob, Mechanical Key

| Unlock with Phone Shake - no need to wake up the screen


Temporary codes that expire automatically

Passcode protection from prying eyes

Multiple stainless steel locking mechanism construction

Two-Factor Authentication - after using a code or key fob, you need to input a fingerprint.

Intuitive OLED Display and Voice Guide  - use the touchscreen to easily add or delete users on the device.

ultraloq OLED Display

Bridge WiFi Adaptor

Ultraloq UB01


Ultraloq Bridge WiFi adaptor has useful remote control features

| Unlock the door wherever you are

| Grant access to your guests

| Get alerts and notifications if someone unlocks your door (unavailable for UL3 BT)

| View logs wherever you are

| The device works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT

| Ultraloq Bridge plugs into power and connects to your WiFi network


Ultraloq state-of-the-art locks have more common features. Every Ultraloq Smart Lock requires no wiring/no-drilling installation that makes the mounting an easy process. The remote unlocking feature is especially useful for your children and senior people. 

Modern home security means flexibility. Welcome to the Ultraloq page - the place where all smart locks and accessories are collected.