10ZiG Thin Clients

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10ZiG Thin Clients

10ZiG Thin Clients are powerful, reliable, and affordable devices manufactured to provide the best performance in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Server-Based Applications for hosted and cloud environments.  

10ZiG Thin Clients are improved for the latest desktop technologies including VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft, and harness the power of protocols such as PCoIP, Blast Extreme, HDX, HDX Premium, and RDP.

The 10ZIG 4600q Series includes portable, entry-level value class devices, perfect for business workers' tasks. Their compact design is ideal for remote set-ups like working from home. The devices are equipped with an Intel processor with HD graphics and supportive of VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and more. 

The 10ZiG 6100 Series is a masterpiece! The devices are stylish, portable, and fanless, and provide users with high-demand performance with DDR4 RAM, 8 USB ports, and 4-monitor support at 4K 60 Hz display resolution. 

10ZiG Thin Clients are manufactured to meet the needs of all users, from Task-based to Power users requiring full HD multimedia, 3D, CAD, and Quad Screen Support. The Thin Client comes in a closely constructed set of benefit features intended to ensure you get the device based on your power needs.

There is a wide selection of 10ZiG Thin Clients on Prime Buy. Choose the best Series for your work!

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