Gas Detectors & Analyzers

Today, Gas Detectors and Analyzers are used in many spheres and are designed to make human life safe. With their help, you can find leaks of household gas, freon in air conditioning systems, carbon monoxide in boiler plants, etc. There are stationary and portable gas analyzers.

Stationary devices are used in the laboratory for continuous sample measurements in the workplace. Portable analyzers are compact and run on batteries, therefore they are used in any place where it is necessary to investigate gas vapors or find their leaks. The simplest devices have a warning system in the form of light or sound indication. Many models are equipped with a display on which the received data is shown. The sensor, which reacts to gas, can be fixed on the device body or it can be remote for work in hard-to-reach places. The backlight of the screen will be a useful addition if you have to work in low light.

The main task of a gas detector is to improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of work at various production facilities, as well as to control emissions during production activities, to determine the presence of leaks, to stop emissions and not to exceed the permissible level of gas concentration in the air. Gas analyzers work on the basis of modern infrared sensors and a built-in microprocessor.

Gas detectors have a wide range of applications: oil and gas and petrochemicals, energy, and gas supply. The instruments are essential for fuel cell research to reduce the risk of vehicle fuel contamination and monitor air emissions. Particular models of gas detectors and analyzers can be used in healthcare and sports medicine to analyze the concentration of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and other compounds in the lungs. Standard models are easy-to-use because they are non-invasive and can monitor compound concentrations in real time.

Gas Detectors & Analyzers

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