Flow Meters

What is a flow meter? It is a device for measuring the flow of a fluid moving through a pipe in a given period of time. There are various flow meter types and models. Flow meters are used in industrial plants and facilities, they are irreplaceable in many industries such as agricultural, pharmaceutical, mining, food & beverage, the list goes on. To make sure that the measurements are accurate, flow meter calibration is essential. Using a reliable flow meter enhances efficiency and safety.

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Flow Meters

Flow Meters

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Let’s consider a few popular flow meters.

A flow meter for air measures how much air is flowing through a tube in a certain period of time. An air flow meter monitors air in various processes. It can be used for various tasks, for example, it’s great for measuring as well as controlling air flows in ventilation and air conditioning systems.

A flow meter for water measures the amount of water flowing through a pipe. Liquid flow measuring is essential in many applications. Water flow meters are used in water treatment and distribution systems, industrial processes, irrigation, and more. A turbine flow meter is a type of water flow meters that measures flow by detecting the rotations of a rotor in the flow stream.

An ultrasonic flow meter is used to measure the velocity of a fluid with ultrasound so that the volume flow rate can be calculated. 

A pitot tube is a special instrument used to measure the velocity of the flowing fluid. A basic pitot tube consists of a tube that points directly into the fluid flow. 

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