Pressure Meters

A pressure meter is a device used for measuring pressure. The results are shown on an analog display with a pointer or digitally, it depends on the type of the device.

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Pressure meter

Pressure Meters

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Pressure gauges are special instruments used to measure the pressure of a fluid within a system. These devices are irreplaceable to make sure there are no leaks or pressure changes that can affect the work of the system. Pressure gauge applications include chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, HVAC, and other industries.

These devices are used to monitor and control pressure, which is essential to avoid problems in the system. In order to get accurate readings, pressure gauge calibration is important. It means verifying the accuracy of a pressure gauge against a known standard.

There are liquid-filled as well as dry analog pressure gauges.

A liquid-filled pressure gauge is filled with a liquid (typically glycerine). It coats the internal part of the gauge and also fills the dial. The liquid protects the mechanism of the gauge by dampening vibrations, pulsations, pressure spikes, and so on.

A dry pressure gauge, as the name implies, contains no liquid. It is perfect for environments where mechanical vibrations are not considered to be a concern. 

A digital manometer is another device for pressure measurement. These are portable handheld meters, they are much more accurate than their analog counterparts. Manometers are widely used for inspecting the efficiency of the HVAC system, measuring pressure across heat exchangers, for measuring airflow, etc.

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