The software can be divided into three separate categories:

  • The system software is considered to be a part of the system that assists, monitors and controls the hardware side of the PC. This includes programs that control the operation of RAM, central processor, video card, input and output devices, network routines. Such software includes:
    • Drivers, small utilities, the functioning of which is to ensure the correct operation of the rest of the equipment;
    • OS;
    • Add-ons, e.g. language packs or screen extension settings.

    The main distinction between the system types is that it is not designed to carry out a particular task. It is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the rest of the computer. It can be named an intermediary between hardware - "ironwork" - and software code.

  • The application software is the most extensive part of the classification. This includes graphics and text editors, browsers, databases, and everything that people use in their usual work at the computer. It also contains antivirus packages, accounting, and various archives.

    The meaning of this variety is in fulfilling a clearly defined task: to draw, open web pages, and type texts.

  • The instrumental software is a specific support for any computer equipment. The main function is debugging, tuning, and rewriting program code. This includes compilers, debuggers, high-level translators, editors, interpreters, and other tools. They are necessary because technology does not understand human words. To “explain” to it what to do, a special “machine language” is required.

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